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Cribs for Babies

A newborn baby can be the best blessing your family can have. However, having a new child in your household involves a lot of responsibility. Preparing your home for your new child is an important part of doing what’s best for your child. Before your baby arrives, you will probably be purchasing a lot of baby items, including a specialty crib that’s designed for your new baby.

Safety First

When choosing cribs for babies, your first thought should be safety! The safety of your baby is the main determining factor that will affect which types of cribs are best for your child. Be sure to choose a crib that has slats that aren’t wide enough to trap your child’s head, hands, arms or legs. Also, make sure that the crib is stable and balanced. A crib that’s too top-heavy might be slightly unstable, especially if it also has rollers. Find a place in your baby’s room where your crib can be placed, out of the way of doors, windows and other potential hazards.

Choosing a Crib

Choosing the crib for your baby is one of the decisions that most parents approach with care. Not all cribs are created equal, especially cribs that are from less well-known manufacturers. Try to purchase a crib that has a long-standing good reputation among parents. To find the best crib, you should check out a wide variety of baby crib reviews before making the choice to purchase your crib.

Which Type of Crib is Best for Your Baby?

Many parents often face the important choice of deciding which type of crib is best for their baby. In general, this can be affected by a wide variety of factors. Aesthetic appeal is often a factor, since many parents want their baby’s room to stay with a certain “theme” or design. Price is also important to many parents, since a newborn baby can put a strain on the family budget. You should also consider where you plan on placing your baby’s crib, which can affect what shape of crib is best for your baby’s room. Will your baby’s crib have rollers, or will it be stationary? Will it be collapsible for easy storage, or will it be durable enough to survive for many years with your growing baby? These are important questions to consider when deciding which type of crib is best for your baby.

Finding Cheap Cribs for Babies

When looking for a “cheap” baby crib, be sure not to sacrifice quality for price! An inexpensive crib should ideally be held to the same standards as cribs that cost more money. When looking for a cheap baby crib, you have a few different options. A few places to find cheap cribs for babies are:

Yard Sales
Many people often sell baby cribs at yard sales, since cribs are only needed in families that have very young children. Once the children are grown up, the crib just takes up space in the garage (or attic, or storage unit), and is often sold for a low price at a yard sale. When searching for a cheap crib for your baby, don’t be shy about stopping to check around any local yard sales in your area.

Discount Outlets
In some cases, you can find “knockoff” cheap baby cribs at discount stores in your local outlet mall. These cribs may be of the same quality as designer cribs, but may have small flaws (either cosmetic or in their construction). Try to find inexpensive baby cribs that have cosmetic flaws, such as the wrong color paint. Try to avoid discount cribs that have construction flaws, such as a missing crib slat or damaged material, since this can compromise the safety of the crib.

Friends and Family
You can often check with your friends and family for baby cribs that aren’t in use. If anyone in your family has had a baby, they might still have the crib in storage. In many cases, they might even give you the crib for free!

Online Promotions
Online promotions are a great way to pick up high quality cribs at a great price. However, don’t forget to factor in the cost of shipping your crib! Cribs for babies are often heavy, and might have a high shipping cost from many online retailers. If possible, see if the website that you’re purchasing from has a “ship to store” option, which means that you can pick up your discount crib at a store in your area. Many online retailers that also have chain stores will offer this option.

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