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Modern Cribs

Modern furniture has become very popular over the last decade. Now, people are choosing to remodel their homes to fit into a more modern theme. When it comes to your baby’s furniture, do you favor modern d├ęcor? Some parents like to design their baby’s room around a modern, stylish theme that will fit with the rest of their home. Here’s a bit of information for you about modern baby cribs, and how you can find a modern baby crib that’s right for you.

Finding a Modern Baby Crib

There are a few places that you can begin shopping for modern baby cribs. Shopping for baby furniture can be a fun experience, and one that is enjoyable for your whole family! Start locally, checking malls, specialty stores and outlet stores for baby furniture stores. Many of these stores will have a wide selection of baby furniture, including many modern cribs for babies. If you can’t find what you’re looking for at these stores, begin searching thrift stores in your area. Since many people often donate their cribs, a lot of thrift stores will probably carry at least a few baby cribs. You can also check craigslist, or yard sales in your area to search for modern baby cribs.

Choosing a Modern Baby Crib

While the crib you choose is up to you, there are a few factors that may influence your decision. These include:

First, you want to consider the safety of your baby. Modern cribs for babies can be stylish, but they might not be the safest choice for your child. Make sure that you don’t purchase a drop-side crib, since these cribs have recently been declared illegal. Drop side cribs can cause your child to become caught in the moving parts of the crib, which can cause serious risks to your baby’s safety. Also, drop side cribs may develop weak joints, which could cause them to be at risk for collapse.

If you’re designing your baby’s nursery around a modern theme, you might be limited to a few color choices for your modern crib. This depends on the specific colors of the theme for your baby’s room. For example, if you’re designing a room based on warm color tones, your modern baby crib could be in a dark cherry or espresso finish, that might match your warm color tones. If you prefer cool colors, you could probably purchase a modern baby crib in white, teal, or other colors that would match a cool color scheme.

There are round cribs, rectangular cribs and even hexagon-shaped cribs. Which style is right for your baby’s room? A modern crib may come in a wide variety of styles, so it’s best to choose one that fits with the theme you’ve already chosen for your baby’s room.

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