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There are so many things that need to be done to prepare for a newborn baby! Many parents love the process of getting ready for their new baby, spending lots of time (and money) on different types of baby products. The baby’s room is one of the most fun projects for any parent, including setting up their baby’s crib. After purchasing a baby crib and a crib mattress, you’ll probably begin looking for bedding for your baby’s crib. Here are a few tips that will help you choose crib bedding.

Crib Bedding and SIDS

Some parents often voice concerns about crib bedding and SIDS. The interesting thing is, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome hasn’t been linked to one particular cause. However, many experts have theorized that one potential cause of SIDS is a restriction of oxygen flow around the baby, which causes the baby to re-breathe carbon dioxide. Other experts have thought that the material of the bedding might make a difference in the risk of SIDS. To avoid these risks, there are a few things that you can do.

Purchase crib bedding that fits tight around the mattress, without any loose areas that could accidentally cover your baby’s mouth or nose. Also, if you use a blanket in your crib, make sure that it can only be pulled up to just under your baby’s arms. This will ensure that the blanket doesn’t accidentally become pulled up to cover your baby’s face. Only purchase non-toxic crib bedding material, and be sure to wash it before placing it inside your baby’s crib. This will help prevent any loose fibers from becoming airborne, which could potentially cause respiratory problems.

Choosing Crib Bedding

Deciding which type of crib bedding is best for your baby can be a bit of a challenge. There are a bunch of important factors for you to consider when purchasing bedding for your baby’s crib. Some of these are:

Bedding Material
Some people choose different types of bedding material for their baby’s crib. Some bedding material has been specially made to be free of toxic colors, dyes or chemical washes. Some bedding material is also waterproof, which makes cleanup of any accidents much easier. You may also be able to purchase a liner that goes underneath your baby’s crib bedding, which prevents moisture from reaching the crib’s mattress.

Color and Print
Many parents like to purchase colored or printed crib bedding for their baby’s crib. Cute character prints, colorful prints and other designs are among the many choices for printed crib bedding. If you’re decorating your baby’s room in a specific theme, you might want to purchase crib bedding and blankets that mach this theme. For example, if you’re decorating with a theme of Disney characters, you might want to purchase crib bedding that has prints of Disney characters. If you’re having trouble finding the right type of print to match your baby’s room, try searching for different types of crib bedding designs online.

Many people like to purchase inexpensive crib bedding to save money. Crib bedding is often available at discount stores, since many manufacturing companies often have overstocked or out-of-print crib bedding designs. If you’re worried about price, discount stores are a great place to start. You can also often find inexpensive crib bedding online, or by using promotional codes. Since some manufacturing companies sometimes offer promotional codes on their website, it’s best to check the site before making a purchase online. You can also try asking friends and family if they have any gently used crib bedding that might be suitable for your baby’s crib.

Type of Crib
What type of crib are you purchasing bedding for? Is it a square crib, or a rectangular crib? The type of crib you’ve chosen for your baby does have an impact on the type of crib mattress that will best fit your needs.

Crib Mattress Size
Don’t forget to measure your crib mattress before purchasing crib bedding. The crib bedding should fit snugly around the mattress, without any loose corners or bunching. Most mattresses have their dimensions printed on the packaging. Be sure to also make sure that your crib’s bedding fits the thickness of the mattress, and is able to tuck tightly down around the corners.

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