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Crib Recalls

When it comes to your baby, safety is always your first concern. While it’s tempting to think that all of the products on the market for babies are safe, this isn’t always the case. There are several reasons why a baby product might be recalled, most of which are safety concerns. Baby crib recalls have become more frequent in recent years, as many companies are searching for ways to produce less expensive products.

Where to Find Crib Recalls

Our Site
Here at, we’re committed to helping you make sure your child’s crib is safe. That’s why we have a large amount of resources available to assist you in finding out of your baby’s crib has been recently recalled. Here, you can find out information about what could cause the recall, as well as what to do if your child has been injured by their crib.

There are a wide variety of resources available online to find crib recalls. Some websites have a list of affected brands, while others go into detail about the reasons for the recall. It’s best to follow baby crib recalls on a trustworthy site that’s regularly updated with the latest information about crib recalls.

Manufacturer’s Website
In many cases, the manufacturer of a certain crib is required by law to announce the recall on their website after the recall has officially been initiated. However, some sites seem to have a slight delay in reporting recalls. It’s always best to check a wide variety of websites to make sure that your baby’s crib hasn’t been involved in any recent crib recalls.

Local News
Many local news channels often announce recalls as soon as they are initiated. Since a crib recall is often a serious situation (as faulty cribs could result in injury or death for infants), be sure to stay updated on a variety of sources to find out the latest information about baby crib recalls.

Why Might a Crib Be Recalled?

There are a wide variety of reasons why a baby crib might be recalled. Though not all of these reasons are a definite cause for concern, it’s always best to return your baby’s crib if it has been recalled. Failure to do so could put your child at risk of injury, sickness or other serious problems. Here are a few of the reasons why a baby crib might be recalled.

Complaints from Customers
In some cases, a recall could be initiated after a large number of complaints have come in by customers. These complaints could be unrelated, or the recall could be initiated before the actual problem with the crib has been determined. This is one of the reasons why it’s very important to give a crib company feedback if you notice any problems with your baby’s crib.

Improper Construction
A construction flaw in the crib could be severe enough to trigger a crib recall. Construction flaws may vary, and may not always be a direct safety problem. A construction problem in a crib could be anything from a loose bracket to a poorly-fitting joint. However, some construction flaws could present a direct threat to the safety of your child.

Toxic Materials
A crib might also be recalled if it’s discovered that it contains (or could contain) toxic substances. These substances may vary, ranging from the wrong kind of paint used on the crib, to a sealant that could cause breathing problems. Toxic materials in cribs is always a cause for concern, and is often one of the major worries of many parents. It’s best to follow the instructions to return your crib as soon as you discover that it’s been recalled due to a toxic substance contamination.

Potential “Safety Hazard”
In some cases, the specific reason for the recall could not be determined, but instead is simply labeled as a “Potential Safety Hazard”. This usually means that a problem has been detected in the crib which could potentially cause injury, sickness or other safety issues with children. A safety issue might fall into one of the categories above (such as toxic substance or construction flaw), or might be something else entirely.

What to Do if Your Baby’s Crib is Recalled

As soon as you figure out that your baby’s crib has been recalled, you need to take action. Check the source of the recall, and see if it includes any instructions for how to return your crib. You can always call the manufacturing company for your crib, and ask for further information about the recall. Some retail stores will accept returns of recalled cribs, though some stores might require you to have the original receipt. In some cases, a company may organize “drop off” points, where you can drop off the recalled crib and obtain a voucher that might give you a full refund.