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Choosing the Best Baby Cribs

Of all of the items you must acquire before you bring your new baby home, a crib is probably the most important one. Newborns sleep as much as 17 hours in a 24-hour period, so your little one will probably spend more time in his crib than he will anywhere else. Even as he is growing, your baby will nap and play there, so making a wise investment is of utmost importance. Selecting one of the best baby cribs available depends on several determining factors, and knowing them can help narrow your choices.

Safety Features to Look for

Your child’s health, safety and security are your primary concerns, so finding baby cribs that are secure will be your first priority. Unlike earlier models that included a drop-down side so that you could easily pick up or lay down your baby, the best cribs will only have stationary sides. While this might seem like an inconvenience, the movable sides were found to be hazardous, as infants have become trapped, causing injury and death. In addition, rails should be no more than 2 3/8 inches apart.

Design and Style

Baby cribs come in an array of sizes, colors and designs. Choosing the best crib style for your baby is a highly personal choice. Traditional cribs remain popular, but other options include convertible cribs that you can transform into a toddler bed with side rails and, later, a standard twin headboard and footboard. Cribs with canopies are charming for a new little princess, and round cribs are unique and modern.

If you choose to stick with stained wood, consider the style of your home and other rooms. Cherry and oak tends to look rich and classic, while pine and cedar have qualities that are more rustic. Of course, you can opt for a painted crib or purchase an unfinished piece and paint it yourself. Skip the blue for boys and pink for girls and go with a shade that is ideal for any baby, such as sage, gray or tangerine.

Budget Considerations

Finally, it is important to take into account the amount you want to spend. While your baby’s new crib is an important investment, there are many other items you will need to keep her happy and healthy as well. Establish a reasonable guideline for crib shopping. Fortunately, there are cribs to fit any budget, so you are sure to find a selection of the best baby cribs to suit your little one’s needs without breaking the bank.