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Bassinet Bedding

In the advertisements for baby bassinets, you often see a comfortably sleeping infant surrounded by cushy blankets. Bassinet bedding is an important part of setting up your bassinet for your new baby. Bassinets are favored among many parents, and are used up until a baby is able to roll itself over. When choosing your bassinet bedding, there are a few things you should know. Here’s a quick guide to bassinet bedding.

How Many Bedding Sets Should I Have?

You might not realize it, but you should have at least seven sets of bedding for your baby’s bassinet. While this may seem like a lot, consider what might happen with a newborn baby. Babies are prone to making messes, either as diaper overflow or spitting up food. What if your baby spits up on their blankets three times per night? This means that you’ll have to go through three sets of bassinet bedding, which will all need to be washed and dried before being used again. Seven sets of bassinet bedding should give you enough so that you’ll be able to keep enough extra clean sets on hand for accidents.

Matching Bassinet Bedding

If you have chosen a theme for your baby’s room, you’ll probably want to make sure that your baby’s bassinet bedding matches your theme. However, don’t worry too much about buying expensive matching bassinet bedding sets for your baby’s bassinet. Stick to neutral colors that are easily able to be cleaned in the event that they become stained or soiled. You can always go for more decorative bedding when your baby moves out of a bassinet and into a crib at four months of age.

Bassinet Bedding Prices

Don’t spend too much on bedding for your bassinet! Remember, your baby will only be able to be in the bassinet until they can roll over, which usually happens at around four months of age. Also, bassinet bedding will probably become stained, torn or otherwise soiled. Stick to simple bassinet bedding that’s inexpensive yet durable.

Cheap Bassinet Bedding

The best place to find cheap bassinet bedding? Your local thrift store! Since babies grow out of their bassinets so fast, you’ll probably find a wide assortment of bassinet bedding at the thrift store. In most cases, the bedding is extremely inexpensive, since many thrift stores receive a large number of donations for bassinet bedding. Though it may be more difficult to find a matching set, for many parents it’s well worth it for the price.

Bassinet Bedding Safety

Your bassinet bedding should be able to be tucked snugly around your bassinet’s mattress, keeping your baby comfortable without being tight enough to restrict blood flow. The blankets and sheets should only be able to be pulled up to your baby’s armpits, since any higher could pose a suffocation hazard for your baby. Also, try to purchase bassinet bedding that’s made with natural fibers, without any toxic dyes or materials. If you wish, you can also purchase organic bassinet bedding, which may help your baby avoid toxin contamination.