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Round Cribs

While many parents go for a rectangular or square crib, some parents decide to purchase a round crib for their child. These round cribs can add a different style and flair to any nursery, especially when paired with accessories. Many round cribs for babies are bassinet style, with a cloth covering that acts as a canopy to shield the baby from excessive light. However, some round cribs are designed for older children, up to and including children of toddler age. Are you considering purchasing a round crib for your child? Here are a few tips about how to choose a round crib, and how to decide which round crib is best for your baby.

Choosing a Round Crib

Round baby cribs may be a bit more expensive than traditional rectangular or square baby cribs. Some round cribs may have additional features, but the decision is really a matter of personal preference. Are you choosing a round crib because you think it would look better in your nursery? Or, would you like a round crib that has additional features, such as an attachable changing table or storage shelves for baby items? When choosing a round crib, don’t forget that you may have to purchase a separate crib mattress as well. Finding crib mattresses for round cribs can be a bit challenging, since round cribs aren’t as common as traditional square or rectangular baby cribs.

Round Crib Bassinets

In most cases, round cribs are sold as bassinets. The reason for this is that small round cribs are popular among many parents when their children are under four months old. After about four months, a baby becomes able to roll over, which makes it dangerous for you to use a bassinet. Round crib bassinets may be sold as single purpose units, or may sometimes be able to be converted into a larger crib for when your baby is over four months old.

Round Cribs for Toddlers

Some parents like to have a round crib for when their baby reaches toddler age. These round cribs are much larger than bassinets, and may include convertible features. Round cribs are usually best for large nurseries, since they can’t be easily fitted into corners of the room. Some parents like round cribs for toddlers because they don’t have corners where a child could become caught between the crib rails.

Round Cribs for Twins

Some types of round cribs are meant to be attached together for families that have twins (or even triplets). These round cribs might be able to be secured with brackets, or permanently attached with screws. By having separate round cribs for your babies, this ensures that both children will have their own, private sleeping environment. Some round cribs for twins also come with cloth covers, though most are sold as a “bassinet” style round crib.

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