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Drop Side Cribs

Drop side cribs have long been viewed as one of the traditional cribs used for newborn babies. Many families have drop-side cribs that have been passed down through several generations, and are treasured family heirlooms. In fact, a large number of parents say that they’ve used drop side cribs in the past. However, did you know that drop side cribs can actually present a very dangerous safety hazard to your child? Many babies have died over the past several years, as a result of being kept in a drop side crib. What is it about these cribs that make them so dangerous? Here’s a bit of information about drop side cribs, as well as how you can protect your child against potential safety hazards.

What is a Drop Side Crib?

Drop side cribs for babies may look the same as most any traditional rectangular crib. There are four sides, close-set rails and a platform in the center for a crib mattress. However, what makes these cribs different is the construction of one of the longer sides of these cribs. To make it easier to reach a baby, many of these cribs have a side that can be slid up and down. This allows a parent to have an easier time reaching into the crib to pick up their newborn baby. Some drop side cribs also have a mattress platform that can be raised or lowered in order to convert into a changing table.

Why Are Drop Side Cribs Dangerous?

There are a few factors that could potentially cause a drop side baby crib to become a safety hazard. This includes:

Sliding Crib Side
Since one side of the crib can be raised and lowered, this means that a baby’s arms, legs, fingers, toes or head could become trapped in between the moving parts. This is one of the main features of a drop side crib that is said to be dangerous for newborn babies.

Loose Construction
Since a drop side crib needs to have the ability to move and slide, this means that the side of the crib is slightly loose in order to allow free movement. Because of this, it’s highly likely that this moving piece could cause a safety hazard.

Weak Joints
As with any piece of baby furniture that has moving parts, a drop side crib has the possibility of developing weak joints in certain areas of the baby crib. These joints could further compromise the safety of the crib. Weak joints could make a baby’s crib more prone to collapse, or could increase the chances that some of the moving parts could present a potential safety hazard.

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