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Portable Cribs

Many parents love portable cribs, since they offer a freedom that many other types of cribs don’t have. Portable cribs for babies come in a wide variety of styles, sizes and configurations. If you’re thinking about purchasing a portable crib for your baby, there are a few things that you should know beforehand. Some portable cribs might not be the best choice for your child. Here’s some information to help familiarize you with portable cribs.

Why Choose a Portable Crib?

There are several reasons why you might want to choose a portable crib for your baby. First, portable cribs for babies definitely offer convenience over full size cribs. Portable cribs are meant to be moved around, which can make it easier to rearrange your child’s room. A portable crib can be brought into the living room during family time, or brought into the dining room during mealtimes. Having a portable crib gives you more freedom to spend time with your child.

Portable Baby Crib Features

Many portable baby cribs come with fun and useful features that may make caring for your baby easier. Some of these features are:

Rolling Wheels
To make your portable crib easier to move around, many portable cribs come with rolling wheels. This allows you to move the crib from room to room easily, without needing to manually lift the crib. Also, rolling wheels are great for baby rooms that can be converted into an open playspace by rolling the crib up against the wall.

Foldable Design
Since many portable cribs are designed with convenience in mind, some cribs may have the ability to be easily folded up and stored. The cribs usually fold up so that the bottom of the mattress turns and is flat up against the side of the crib, with the entire crib collapsing to lay flat. This allows for easy storage of the crib during playtime, or in between children.

Many portable cribs have less complex features than standard or full size cribs. This means that they will most likely also be priced lower than full size cribs. For you, this is great news! By purchasing a convenient and simple portable crib, you can save money that can be used on purchasing other items for your baby.

Customizable Size
Certain types of portable cribs can be expanded to suit the needs of a growing child. These cribs usually have extra pieces, which add length and width to the crib as your baby grows. These types of portable cribs are meant to be used long-term, and may even be able to be used up to when your child is of toddler age.

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