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Travel Crib Reviews

When it comes to portability, travel cribs are the first choice for many parents. Having the ability to use a travel crib gives parents much more freedom when traveling with their baby. Certain types of travel cribs are designed for different portability scenarios.

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Travel Crib Material and Construction

Different types of travel cribs may have different types of materials in their construction. For example, some foldable travel cribs are made with nylon or cloth, so that they can be easily packed up for traveling. Other cribs are “pop up” or self-inflating cribs, which may automatically fill with air when unfolded.

Travel Crib Safety

Many travel cribs are subjected to strict safety standards and testing before being released onto the market. However, it’s still possible that they may have safety issues. Always read the reviews of a specific travel crib that you’re thinking about purchasing before using it with your child. Try to avoid “budget” travel cribs that use inferior materials that might pose a safety hazard to your child.

As with any crib, it’s important to always use your best judgment about this product’s safety. Be sure to check recent recalls to ensure that this crib has not been affected. Also, it’s essential that you always return a crib that arrives with broken, mis-fitting or otherwise damaged components.

Travel Crib Durability

The durability of a travel crib depends entirely on the materials and quality of its construction. Some travel cribs are very durable, and able to withstand a lot of wear before being in need of repair. However, some of the less expensive travel cribs have issues with durability, or may break after only a few uses.

Travel Crib Price

Travel cribs may range from the low price tier (around $50) all the way up to the high-end price tier for regular cribs ($500-600). In most cases, the higher end cribs will include extra features or better material construction. The lower tier priced cribs may not have as many features, though they may still be durable enough to withstand heavy traveling with your baby.

Travel Crib General Customer Consensus

Most customers seem to love the idea of having a travel crib. Most travel cribs seem to have good reviews, mostly due to their simple construction and unparalleled usefulness. However, there are some travel cribs that have negative ratings among consumers, and may have been flagged as being potential safety hazards. It’s always best to consult customer reviews about a specific brand that you’re considering purchasing, since this will help you make a more informed decisions about which travel crib is best for your child.

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