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Sorelle Crib Reviews

Sorelle is admired by many parents for producing good quality cribs at mid-range prices. Sorelle’s cribs don’t have any serious issues, which isn’t the case with many mid-range priced brands.

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Sorelle Crib Material and Construction

Most Sorelle cribs seem to be made of solid birch wood. Though not all Sorelle cribs are made to be convertible, some Sorelle cribs have a variety of different features. For example, one type of Sorelle convertible crib has an attachment that includes a changing table and several drawers for baby supplies.

Sorelle Crib Safety

There don’t seem to be any serious safety issues with Sorelle cribs. Some of the cribs did seem to become damaged during shipping, but most retailers seem more than willing to replace any damaged parts. In some cases, the installation of the crib resulted in a few defects (such as the tightening of certain screws pulling apart the wood), but this seems to be relatively rare. Some toddlers seem to be able to easily climb out of their Sorelle crib once they reach a “mobile” age.

As with any crib, it’s important to always use your best judgment about this product’s safety. Be sure to check recent recalls to ensure that this crib has not been affected. Also, it’s essential that you always return a crib that arrives with broken, mis-fitting or otherwise damaged components.

Sorelle Crib Durability

Sorelle cribs seem to have fairly good durability according to customer reviews. There are no reports of cribs collapsing, and the wood seems to be resistant to denting and scratching. However, some teething children may chew on the rails, which could damage the wood.

Sorelle Crib Price

Sorelle cribs are a low to mid priced brand of baby cribs. In general, it seems that the price of Sorelle cribs depends greatly on the specific retailer selling the cribs. For example, the Sorelle Tuscany usually retails for around $600, which would put it in the mid to high price tier. However, sells the Tuscany for around $399, which puts it in the low to mid range price tier for a convertible crib with attachments.

Sorelle Crib General Customer Consensus

Most customers seem to have good things to say about Sorelle cribs. The two main complaints by a few consumer were that the wood can be damaged by teething toddlers, and that some toddlers can climb out of some of the models that are low to the ground. Overall, however, Sorelle cribs seem to have a very solid design, which can be easily adapted to fit the needs of most parents.

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