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Oak Changing Tables

When choosing baby furniture for your baby’s nursery, you probably have a few ideas already in mind. Some of the restrictions on the type of changing table for your baby may include price, safety rating, availability and theme. Some parents spend a long time searching for the perfect changing table to complement their baby’s nursery. When choosing a changing table for your baby, you might want to look into higher quality tables, since they tend to have a much lower occurrence of safety problems (though this may not always be the case). Many parents like to purchase oak changing tables, since many oak changing tables are both sturdy and durable.

Stained Oak Changing Tables

Many changing tables that are made of oak also have a colored stain. This stain can alter the appearance of the wood, making it possible for an oak changing table to match a variety of different themes. Stained oak changing tables are popular due to their unique appearance, and customizability. Since oak is known for being a durable wood, stained oak changing tables are often favored over other types of changing tables. Be sure to choose a stained oak changing table that matches the theme of the rest of your nursery.

Oak Changing Tables with Drawers

Some types of oak changing tables also have drawers where you can store your baby’s essential changing supplies. Larger changing tables may even have bigger drawers, which can be used to store blankets, bedding and other important supplies for your baby. Many types of changing tables have drawers, but many parents seem to favor oak changing tables that have drawers rather than open compartments.

Matching Oak Changing Tables With Your Nursery

If you’ve already picked out other baby furniture for your nursery, you’re going to want an oak changing table that matches your theme. Oak changing tables can be stained or painted manually to fit almost any nursery theme. If you have a specialized theme, you might even be able to have your changing table modified or painted by a professional. For example, if you’re doing a jungle theme for your nursery, you could have a professional painted work on painting intricate designs on your oak changing table. Most oak changing tables are very versatile, and can be modified to match almost any theme. It’s best to purchase all of your baby’s furniture all at once, since this will ensure that you have a matching nursery.

Maintaining Oak Changing Tables

To keep your oak changing table looking like new, there are a few tricks you can use. First, make sure that the stain or paint used on your oak changing table is extremely durable. The paint or stain should also be non-toxic, in case your child accidentally chews on the wood (this often happens during teething). You should be sure to regularly clean your oak changing table with a cleaner that is safe to use on high quality wood, and that won’t cause the stain on your table to become dull.