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Changing Tables for Nursery

Picking out a changing table for your nursery is one of the fun parts of preparing for your new baby.

Wooden Changing Table

If you’ve chosen a wooden changing table for your nursery, you’ll probably want to make sure that it matches the rest of your baby furniture. Changing tables are usually available in a variety of stains and paint colors. Choosing which one is best for your nursery is mostly a matter of personal choice. Many parents like the traditional look of wooden changing tables. Many changing tables are bought to match the theme of other baby furniture, usually in a dark stain. Cherry is a very popular wood stain color for changing tables, as are espresso and other dark stains.

Plastic Changing Tables

Though plastic changing tables aren’t as popular as wooden changing tables, some parents still choose them for their nursery. Plastic changing tables are lightweight, inexpensive and may even have some drawers or shelves to help store baby items. Also, plastic changing tables are waterproof, which makes cleaning up any accidents much easier.

Open Shelf Changing Tables
Most types of changing tables, no matter if they’re made of plastic or wood, are “open shelf” changing tables. These types of changing tables usually have a flat top surface, though it’s possible for some of them to have a detachable “changing” portion that can be removed and cleaned. Also, open shelf changing tables have a variety of different shelves and storage cubbies that can be used for storing various baby supplies. Some types of open shelf baby tables also include drawers, though most of them are simply a shelf with a flat top that can be used for baby changing.

Dresser Changing Table
For your nursery, you might want to choose a dresser type changing table. These types of changing tables are both an attractive and versatile piece of baby furniture. You can use them for storing your baby’s clothing, blankets, extra sheets and changing supplies. Dresser changing tables are favored by many mothers, since they have drawers which can keep items out of sight.

Portable Nursery Changing Table
Some types of changing tables for your nursery are portable, or can be detached to carry with you when you leave. This is most common in changing tables that are meant to be multi-purpose, such as changing tables that are also used as dressers. These changing tables may have a detachable section which can be folded and easily ported.