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Bassinet Types

Thinking about purchasing a bassinet for your baby? Bassinets are a great way to keep your baby comfortable during their first four months. However, did you know that there are many different types of bassinets? Just like many other baby products, bassinets may have included features to help make caring for your baby much easier. Here is a bit of information about the different types of baby bassinets.

Bassinets with Hoods
Many types of bassinets have a cloth or plastic hood that helps to block out excessive light. Since your baby’s eyes are still developing, it’s important that you don’t allow them to be exposed to direct light. Also, sunlight can damage your baby’s sensitive skin, so it’s best to always purchase a bassinet that has a hood. In many cases, these hoods can be adjusted or detached from the bassinet itself.

Portable Bassinets
If you’re constantly on the move, a portable bassinet might be the right type of bassinet for you. Portable bassinets offer more freedom over their stationary counterparts, since they can be easily moved with you from room to room. Want to watch TV while keeping an eye on your sleeping baby? Portable bassinets give you the ability to

Stationary Bassinets
A stationary bassinet is usually raised up on a platform, putting the baby at a level where they can be easily accessed by their family. Stationary bassinets may also have covers, and may also have rolling wheels so that they can be easily moved from room to room. These bassinets are able to be used up until the baby is four months of age, when the baby is usually moved to a traditional crib.

Co-Sleeper Bassinets
A co-sleeper bassinet is a special type of bassinet that allows the baby to sleep close by its mother. The co-sleeper bassinet can be attached to a regular bed, with a lower side that faces the bed. This gives a mother the ability to be next to her baby throughout the night. Some parents favor co-sleeper bassinets especially in the first few months with their baby, since it gives them more comfort knowing their baby is nearby.

Rocking Cradle Bassinets
Some types of bassinets are fitted in the form of rocking cradles. These types of bassinets are usually low to the ground, and have rails that allow the bassinet to be easily rocked from side to side. Rocking cradle bassinets are not usually meant to be permanent sleeping solutions, especially for households with pets. Since they’re so low to the ground, the baby could be exposed to the attentions of home pets, which could cause health problems.

Moses Baskets
The “Moses Basket” bassinet is simply another name for a light and portable bassinet that can comfortably hold your baby. These types of bassinets are usually very snug, and may have a handle or strap for easy portability. Most Moses Basket bassinets can also be put in the same category as portable bassinets.