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Bassinet Sheets

Bassinet sheets are one of the most important items to purchase when preparing for your new baby. If you’ve chosen to use a bassinet for your baby’s first few months, be prepared to keep at least seven sets of sheets on hand. When purchasing bassinet sheets, there are so many different choices! There are colorful bassinet sheets, and sheets that have prints of popular cartoon characters. There are synthetic fiber sheets, and bassinet sheets that have been certified organic. There are even sheets that are designed to be resistant to messes! With all of these choices, how can you be sure you’re choosing the right type of bassinet sheets for your baby’s needs? Here is a quick guide to bassinet sheets, and some information to help you decide which type of bassinet sheets are best for your baby.

Bassinet Character Print Sheets

Many parents like to purchase bassinet character print sheets for their baby. These sheets may feature popular cartoon characters, superheroes or princesses. Character prints are a fun way to bring some color to your baby’s bassinet, and may match the theme of your baby’s room as well. For example, if you’re designing your baby boy’s room around a superman theme, you could purchase colorful printed superman sheets for your baby’s bassinet. No matter what character print you choose, remember that it won’t matter to your baby! By the time that they can recognize characters on their sheets, they will probably have graduated from a bassinet into a full sized crib.

Organic Bassinet Sheets

Some parents like to purchase organic bassinet sheets for their baby’s bassinet. Since babies are so sensitive to environmental changes in their first few months, it is possible that they could be negatively affected by certain types of sheets. Some sheets are chemically washed, or may contain toxic dyes in their material. Sheets made of synthetic fibers could cause your baby to develop respiratory problems, or cause your baby’s skin to become irritated. To prevent this from occurring, you can purchase organic bassinet sheets, which are kinder to your baby’s skin. Organic bassinet sheets also are usually made of all-natural fibers, and don’t contain any toxic dyes or washes. Many parents like organic bassinet sheets as a “peace of mind” item, since it means their baby won’t be exposed to potentially dangerous chemicals.

Fitted Bassinet Sheet Safety

When choosing a fitted sheet for your baby’s bassinet, you need to be cautious. A bassinet fitted sheet must be completely snug around the mattress inside your bassinet. There shouldn’t be any loose fabric around the sides, or any areas where the sheet can be easily pulled away from the mattress. The corners of your fitted sheet should be tight against the mattress as well. This is extremely important, because any loose fabric in your bassinet’s fitted sheets could put your baby at risk for suffocation. Also, too much loose fabric in your fitted sheet could restrict airflow around your baby, which could increase the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.