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Types of Crib Bedding

As with many things, navigating the confusing world of baby products can sometimes be stressful. Do you need a bassinet? What’s the proper fit for a crib sheet? How many baby bottles do you need? These questions are among many that expecting parents often face. However, when it comes to crib bedding, there are a few terms you can become familiar with to make choosing your baby’s crib bedding much easier.

Organic Crib Bedding
For parents that are worried about potential toxins in their baby’s crib, organic crib bedding is often a favored choice. Organic crib bedding often has organic fibers, which may be pre-washed without the use of harsh chemicals. The fibers themselves may also be grown organically, without any chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Organic crib bedding may be dyed, though the dyes that are used are often vegetable dyes, or other types of colorings that don’t require the use of chemicals.

Custom Crib Bedding
If you want something special for your baby’s crib, you might choose to purchase custom crib bedding. Custom crib bedding can be a bit more expensive, but it also means that you’ll spend less time shopping for crib bedding (which gives you more time for other things). Custom crib bedding can often be ordered from a specialty designer, as long as you have the dimensions of your crib’s mattress available.

Printed Crib Bedding

Many types of crib bedding have cute animal, character or designer prints to add a fun flair to a baby’s room. Printed crib bedding might have Disney characters, cute animals or nature scenes. Printed crib bedding is often purchased to match a specific theme for a baby’s room, or to complement the theme of a nursery.

Fitted Sheets
The fitted sheet in your crib bedding is very important, since an improperly fitted sheet can actually be a danger to your child’s health. If your fitted sheet is too loose, it could pose a suffocation hazard for your baby, or could cause a restriction in airflow. Always make sure that the fitted sheet in your baby’s crib is tight, especially around the corners.

Regular Sheets
The regular sheet in your baby’s crib should be soft, so that it doesn’t irritate sensitive baby skin. Also, it should be able to be easily tucked around the sides of the crib mattress, keeping your baby immobile without restricting movement too much. The sheet in your crib bedding should only be able to be pulled up to about the area underneath your baby’s arms. The reason for this is because if the sheet can be pulled over your baby’s face, your baby could be at a potential risk for suffocation.

Bedding Blankets
Matching the blankets of your baby’s bedding to the sheets can be a challenge, especially if you didn’t purchase them as part of a set. Soft material blankets are best, since they won’t cause skin irritation.

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