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Portable Cribs for Infants

Bringing your baby home from the hospital can be one of the greatest experiences of your life. After your baby is finally home, you can put the finishing touches on your nursery! Since many parents have a wide variety of baby accessories, it can be hard to discern between useful baby supplies, and items that you probably won’t need. However, a portable crib is one item that you’ll probably get a lot of use out of, especially when your child is still an infant. Here’s some useful info about portable cribs for infants.

Why Do I Need a Portable Crib?

There are many reasons why you should have a portable crib for your newborn baby. Infants aren’t mobile for the first few months, and can be very demanding for your attention. Since not every parent has the luxury of always being “on-call” in every room of the house, a portable crib can offer you greater flexibility when your baby is still an infant. For example, let’s say that you need to get some kitchen work done, and your baby’s crib is upstairs in the nursery. By placing your baby in a portable crib with you in the kitchen, you won’t have to constantly be running up the stairs to take care of your baby.

Portable cribs are also a great tool to use when traveling. Your infant isn’t walking (yet), so it’s a great time to get some traveling in. Visit your parents, friends or relatives while your baby is still easy to travel with. A portable crib can often be folded and placed in the back of your car for easy travel. Also, some types of portable cribs may even be able to be carried onto planes, buses, trains or other transportation.

Using a Portable Crib

The best use of your baby’s portable crib is really up to you. Infants are often very demanding, and this can make it difficult for you to get anything done around the house. Portable cribs offer you more mobility, as well as more opportunities to spend time with your baby. Using your portable crib to keep your baby close by is a great way to maximize your time with your child.

Also, portable cribs can be extremely useful when used for visiting friends or family. Bring your portable crib with you in your vehicle, and unfold it once you reach your destination. Voila! You immediately have a familiar, safe environment where your infant can rest comfortably.

Types of Portable Cribs for Infants

While your baby is still an infant, you might want to try purchasing a mini portable crib. Though your baby will grow out of it quickly, mini portable cribs are often more affordable than portable cribs in larger models. Some types of portable cribs may even be folded so that they can fit in extremely small spaces. Other portable cribs include special pockets or compartments where  you can easily store some of your baby’s supplies – such as diapers, blankets and crib bedding.