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Portable Cribs for Babies

Choosing the right crib for your baby can be a bit difficult, especially if you don’t know where to start. Since some cribs can have serious safety concerns, it can be hard to know when you’re buying a crib that’s going to be safe for your child. Also, when choosing a crib with extra features (such as a portable crib), your choices are narrowed down even further. You might be wondering, “How can I choose a portable crib for my baby that will be both safe and useful?”. Many parents have asked themselves this same question, and you can learn from their experiences. Here’s some info that can help you understand portable cribs for babies, as well as which crib might be the right choice for your child.

Safety First

Before anything, you need to take the safety of a portable crib into consideration. While it’s okay to make your own judgments about a crib, don’t discount the experiences of others when it comes to safety. Some portable cribs have a large number of moving parts, which can greatly increase the chances of your baby becoming injured. Other cribs can be difficult to assemble, since they might require special tools or expertise. Safety should always be your number one consideration when choosing a portable crib for your baby.

Baby Crib Recalls

Some cribs for babies might have been recently listed as recalled, usually due to defective parts. However, these cribs might not be taken off of the retail shelves immediately. This is why you need to keep updates on the latest baby crib recalls, so that you don’t end up purchasing a crib with potential safety issues. Most crib recalls are announced online, either on the news or on the manufacturer’s website. You can also search for “crib recalls” to gain access to new information about any recalls that have been posted on specific crib models.

Discount Cribs for Babies

If you’re on a tight budget (like many parents), you’ll probably want to find the best deal for your baby’s portable crib. Portable cribs are often sold at a discount anyway, since the materials used to make portable cribs might be less expensive than traditional cribs. Also, since portable cribs are popular, you can nearly always find at least a few portable cribs at your local thrift store. Discount portable cribs may also be found at “overstock” retail warehouse stores, which are common in outlet malls. The best thing to do is shop around – somewhere, there’s the perfect crib that will also be perfect for your budget.

Discount cribs may also be found in baby magazines or publications. Most of these magazines have promotional codes or discounts, which may be found in the bag of the magazine with the advertisements. Some baby crib magazines even offer one-time sales on certain cribs, as long as you mention their publication when purchasing. With a bit of research, you can sometimes get up to 40% (or more) off of the retail price of your baby’s portable crib.