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Koala Changing Tables

If you’ve ever been inside a public restroom, you’ve probably seen a Koala changing table. Koala changing tables are meant to be inexpensive, sturdy and convenient for mothers on the go. Some mothers worry about Koala changing tables, and about how safe they really are for their baby. Are you one of these mothers? Are you wondering if Koala changing tables in public restrooms are really a safe option for you to choose? Here is a bit of information to help you learn about Koala changing tables, which will aid you in deciding if they’re safe for your baby.

Sanitation of Koala Changing Tables

Many new mothers are worried about the presence of bacteria and harmful viruses in public restrooms. For something that’s used so frequently as a Koala changing table, this means that sanitation becomes an even more prevalent concern. Depending on the specific Koala changing station, there may be options that will help make the station more sanitary. Some changing stations have disposable liners, which can be thrown out after your baby has been changed. Other changing stations may have hand sanitizer or spray sanitizer available, which may be used to help disinfect the changing area before and after use.

If you’re extremely concerned about your baby’s health, you can bring your own cleaning supplies and/or antibacterial wipes to help improve the sanitation of a Koala changing station. These supplies may be carried in your diaper bag, or even in your purse. By having your own supplies, you can rest assured that you will always be able to change your baby in a safe and sanitary environment.

Types of Koala Changing Tables

Most all Koala changing tables are folded flat up against the wall when not in use. When a parent needs to use the changing station, they can easily pop down the changing table and use it to change their baby. However, since this may require two hands, it’s recommended that you have your child secure before attempting to fold down the Koala changing table. Most parents may either keep their baby in a stroller nearby, or in a carry-on harness attached either to their front or back. This way, it becomes much easier to pop down the Koala changing table.

Though they’re simple in design, Koala changing tables share a lot of features with other types of baby furniture. They’re designed to be durable, since they have to withstand the weight of perhaps hundreds of babies every day. Also, Koala changing tables are held to high safety standards, as long as they’re installed correctly. For your baby’s safety, you should always double check a Koala changing table’s construction, to be sure there isn’t any reason for your child’s safety to be compromised. Loose screws, cracked pieces or visible wear could all be cause for concern with a Koala changing table. If you see any damage or compromised pieces, it’s always best to wait until you can find a more suitable (and safe) place to change your baby.