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Da Vinci Crib Reviews

Da Vinci cribs are very popular among many parents, both for their affordable price and inclusion of many convenient features. Some Da Vinci cribs can be converted to meet the needs of a growing baby. Da Vinci creates a wide variety of different baby cribs, which are available in many different designs and color variations.

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Da Vinci Crib Material and Construction

Most Da Vinci cribs are made from New Zealand Pine wood, which is often said to be harvested “from sustainable forests”. Many Da Vinci cribs also seem to pay attention to toxicity, with many cribs being advertized as being free of lead and phthalates. Many Da Vinci cribs are also convertible, and may have “4 in 1” features to increase their usefulness. For Da Vinci cribs that convert into full size beds, you will have to purchase an additional rail kit in order to fully convert the crib into a bed.

Da Vinci Crib Safety

Some Da Vinci cribs do have some safety concerns among consumers. For example, the Da Vinci Emily 4 in 1 crib with Toddler Rail has a gap between the top two rails. According to many parents, when a toddler reaches an “exploratory” age, it’s possible for them to get their leg or arm stuck between these top two rails in the gap. It’s unclear if Da Vinci has since addressed this issue at this time.

As with any crib, it’s important to always use your best judgment about this product’s safety. Be sure to check recent recalls to ensure that this crib has not been affected. Also, it’s essential that you always return a crib that arrives with broken, mis-fitting or otherwise damaged components.

Da Vinci Crib Durability

Da Vinci cribs seem to have fair durability according to customer reviews. However, some parents claim that certain Da Vinci cribs are made of soft wood that “dents” easily, and may show signs of wear. The soft pine used in Da Vinci cribs caused some concern among some parents, though it doesn’t seem to affect the overall durability of these cribs.

Da Vinci Crib Price

Da Vinci cribs are a low to mid priced brand of baby cribs. Many parents like the fact that these cribs aren’t excessively expensive, even for the more sophisticated models. Even the convertible Da Vinci cribs are priced competitively.

Da Vinci Crib General Customer Consensus

Most customers seem to have good things to say about Da Vinci cribs. The price was a major selling point for many parents, as well as the fact that Da Vinci uses sustainable wood.

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