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Changing Tables for Babies

Changing tables are one of the most useful pieces of baby furniture that you can have in your nursery. As you’ll soon find out, a good changing table will make the constant changing of diapers much easier, both for you and your baby! There are a few different types of changing tables, each of which is designed for a different changing situations. Which one is best for your baby? Here’s a quick guide to the different types of changing tables, and how they’re useful for you and your baby.

Changing Tables as Crib Attachments

Some types of changing tables for babies are sold as an attachment to a crib. These attachments may or may not be able to be detached from the crib itself. A changing table usually has to be assembled separately from a crib, even if it’s meant to be attached to the crib itself. These changing tables usually come with other features, such as storage drawers or shelves where baby items can be stored.

Separate Changing Tables

Some changing tables are a just simple table where a baby can easily be changed. While changing tables without features are less common, these types of changing tables are usually foldable, and can be easily put away when not in use. Some people just use simple folding tables as changing tables, in order to reduce the need to purchase additional changing table furniture.

Portable Changing Tables

Some types of changing tables are able to be easily carried with you when you need to change your baby on the go. Some of these portable changing tables are meant to be carried around the home, and used in different rooms of the house. Other portable changing tables are meant to be used on the go, or while traveling. However, there are some changing tables that are designed specifically for vacations and other travel scenarios.

Travel Changing Tables

These changing tables usually aren’t much more than a fold-able flat surface that can be carried with you on the go. Some of these travel changing tables may also have legs or supports to keep them upright, but not all models do. In most cases, these changing tables are meant to be put on top of a regular table, or chair in order to provide a flat and secure changing area for your baby.

Changing Tables with Drawers

Some changing tables for babies also have a chest of drawers, to make for easier storage of baby items. These changing tables may also be sold as a simple dresser, with an attachment that fits over the top to be used for changing a baby.

Padded Changing Tables

Many parents like the appeal of padded changing tables, since they’re more comfortable for babies. However, it’s best to purchase padded changing tables that also have a waterproof cover, or are made of waterproof materials. That way, in the event of any “accidents”, you can easily clean up the padded material of your changing table.