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Bassinet Reviews

Reading reviews about different baby products is just part of being a responsible parent. We’re very fortunate to have the internet, since it gives us instant access to what other people are saying about particular baby products. When choosing which bassinet is best for your baby, if you’re like most parents, you’re going to do your research. Part of this research should involve reading bassinet reviews. Here’s some information to help you learn about reading (and writing) bassinet reviews.

Writing a Bassinet Review

To help other parents make their decision about which bassinet is best, be sure to share your experiences! By telling other people about your opinions about a particular bassinet that you’ve owned, you’re helping them make better decisions for their child’s safety. It’s especially important to report any potential problems you’ve had with a bassinet, since other parents need to be warned about potential safety issues.

Reading Bassinet Reviews

When reading bassinet reviews, there are a few key factors that you should pay attention to. These include:

Pay attention to what other customers mention about the durability of the bassinet. Did it have weak joints? Did the support for the bassinet seem secure? Were there any issues with handles, straps or other items becoming frayed or broken? If you’re spending a lot of money on your baby’s bassinet, you want to make sure that you’re actually paying for a quality product. By reading reviews that test the bassinet’s durability, you can gain a better understanding of its quality.

Potential Safety Issues
Always pay attention to any potential safety issues that have been identified by other customers, no matter how small. Did the bassinet have any issues being transported? Was the mattress an improper fit? Were there any gaps between the side of the bassinet and the mattress? Always assume that any claims about safety are valid, unless they have been expressly identified and addressed by the manufacturer.

With so many people posting negative reviews about products, it’s easy to forget that some people might have compliments as well! While it’s important to take all compliments with a grain of salt, pay attention to any recurring trends that are commonly mentioned in the complimentary reviews. For example, if more than one person mentions that a particular bassinet was able to last through several pregnancies, this could be a good indication that the bassinet has good durability.

Cut-and-Paste Reviews
Be wary if you see the exact same positive or negative review posted on several different review websites. In some cases, a company (or an opposing company) may have an employee or affiliate write a biased review in order to artificially influence the ratings of a particular product. For example, if a company feels that one of their bassinets has gotten unfairly poor reviews, they may have someone write a glowing review pointing out why the other reviewers were wrong. Always take all bassinet reviews with a grain of salt, and don’t believe everything you read.