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Bassinet Mattress

If you plan to keep your newborn baby in a bassinet, you’ll probably end up purchasing a bassinet mattress. Trying to decide which bassinet mattress is best for your baby? Confused about the different types of bassinet mattresses available online? We can help! Here’s a quick guide to some of the information about bassinet mattresses that will help you make the best choice for your baby.

Bassinet Mattress Safety

There are a few safety tips that need to be followed when choosing a bassinet mattress. Some types of bassinet mattresses may actually be dangerous for your baby, or pose a serious safety risk. The best way to prevent this is to make sure the bassinet mattress that you purchase is designed for the bassinet you own. Some bassinet mattresses aren’t a perfect fit in certain bassinets. If you purchase one of these mattresses, return it right away! The mattress in your bassinet should sit snug against the side of the bassinet, and not bow in the middle. The mattress itself should be completely flat, and provide an even surface for your baby to lay on. There are some serious safety risks associated with an improperly fitted bassinet mattress, including an increased risk for suffocation. Your baby’s bassinet should be a stable, level area where your baby can sleep comfortably.

Firm Bassinet Mattress

The best type of mattress grade to purchase for your baby’s bassinet is a firm mattress. Though this may seem like it would be uncomfortable for your baby, it’s the best choice for your baby’s safety. Most all pediatricians and baby experts agree that a firm grade mattress is the safest and best choice for a newborn. If your bassinet mattress is too cushy, it could mean that your baby could be at risk for developing respiratory problems, or having restricted airflow around their head. It’s also best to avoid any excessively soft mattress pads that fit on the top of the bassinet mattress, since these may also pose risks for your baby.

Organic Bassinet Mattress

Many parents choose to purchase an organic mattress for their baby’s bassinet, due to the potential benefits. An organic bassinet mattress is usually made with fibers that are all-natural, and is free of any chemical components or toxic dyes. Organic bassinet mattresses are favored by many parents that feel that exposure to synthetic fibers at a young age could be dangerous for infants. However, organic bassinet mattresses are often more expensive than some other types of mattresses that aren’t certified organic.

Waterproof Bassinet Mattress

It’s always best to consider purchasing a waterproof mattress for your baby’s bassinet. Many babies will have several “accidents”, in some cases more than three times per night! It’s best to assume that you’re going to spend a lot of time cleaning out your baby’s bassinet. A waterproof mattress will protect your mattress from stains, damage and mildew that could result from the mattress being kept damp.