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Portable Cribs for Toddlers

Cribs aren’t just for babies – many toddlers spend time in cribs as well! However, choosing a crib for your toddler is a bit different than choosing a crib for your baby. As your toddler grows, you’ll have to make important decisions on which type of baby furniture will best suit your child’s needs. Portable cribs for toddlers are fairly popular, since – as you probably know – toddlers can be extremely energetic. Are you having a bit of trouble choosing the right type of portable crib for your toddler? Here’s some information that you might find useful when choosing which portable crib is best for your toddler’s needs.

Toddler Crib Size

A common question that many parents seem to ask, is “How big should my toddler’s crib be?”. However, the answer to this question depends entirely on how much time your toddler spends in their crib. Since toddlers are also more mobile, some parents choose to purchase cribs that are more “beds” than cribs, which gives their toddler free reign to wander around the nursery. If you want a four-sided crib, you should make sure that the sides of the crib are taller than your toddler’s head. This is because short-sided cribs can be dangerous, since your toddler may decide to try to climb out of the crib, which has the potential for injury.

Toddler Crib Beds

Toddler crib beds are becoming more popular among many parents, since they offer a more “grown up” alternative to the traditional baby crib. Toddler crib beds often have three sides that are much the same as the sides of a regular crib. However, one side is much shorter, with a “railing” that extends about halfway along the side of the crib. The bed can be made as a miniature version of an adult bed, with a single pillow, blanket and sheet set. This allows a toddler to still have the security of sleeping in a crib, but also allows them to move freely around their nursery.

Convertible Portable Cribs

Portable cribs are usually designed to be easily moved, but some types of portable cribs can be converted as well. Types of conversions usually include a toddler bed and a “daybed”. Though not all portable cribs are also convertible, some of them do include this useful feature. If you’re looking for a portable crib for your toddler that’s also convertible, you might have a bit of trouble hunting one down. However, don’t despair! There are some companies that specialize in convertible, portable cribs for toddlers.

Toddler Portable Crib Safety

Always take safety into consideration when purchasing a portable crib for your toddler. While not every crib that’s portable will have a large number of customer reviews, reading reviews is a great way to gain an understanding of the experiences of other parents with a specific crib model. Portable cribs for toddlers are relatively popular, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a safe, highly rated and trusted crib that will be a good choice for your child.