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Portable Crib Reviews

Portable cribs are a great and convenient way to take your baby with you on the go. If you’re looking for convenience, a portable crib might be your best choice. However, not all portable cribs are right for your baby.

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Portable Crib Material and Construction

The material and construction of portable cribs depends greatly on the specific brand. Some portable cribs are meant to be picked up and carried. Other portable cribs have rollers on the bottom, which gives them the ability to be easily moved from room to room. Portable cribs are usually made of solid wood, though they may contain MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) or metal components as well. There are some (though not many) portable cribs that are also made of plastic.

Portable Crib Safety

The safety of a portable cribs is entirely dependent on the brand and quality of the crib. It’s best to check up on portable crib reviews for a specific brand, since these will give you a better understanding of any potential safety issues that other customers have experienced.

As with any crib, it’s important to always use your best judgment about this product’s safety. Be sure to check recent recalls to ensure that this crib has not been affected. Also, it’s essential that you always return a crib that arrives with broken, mis-fitting or otherwise damaged components.

Portable Crib Durability

Some portable cribs have good durability, while others seem to have poor construction that gives them a relatively short life. Since portable cribs are designed mostly for convenience, it’s essential that you pay attention to what other parents are saying about a specific portable crib brand.

Portable Crib Price

Portable cribs may range in price from being affordable all the way up to high end designer brands. When it comes to price, remember that you may sometimes (but not always) be paying for the quality of the product. Portable cribs with designer brand names may be expensive, but you may be paying more simply because of the name. Some more affordable cribs might have comparable durability to higher end brands, but for a fraction of the price.

Portable Crib General Customer Consensus

Most customers seem to like the fact that portable cribs offer both convenience and mobility. Portable cribs are available in such a wide range of customizations, that it’s possible to find the best portable crib for your specific needs. However, some portable cribs do have some safety issues that have been identified. Certain types of portable cribs should be thoroughly inspected during installation, since some portable cribs can come with defective parts.

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