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Neutral Crib Bedding

In some cases, families choose to use neutral crib bedding for their baby’s room. Neutral crib bedding is available in a variety of different colors, prints and choices.

Why Choose Neutral Crib Bedding?

There are a few reasons why you might want to consider neutral crib bedding. First, you might not know the gender of your baby, and want to stay to a specific color theme. While rare, in some cases the baby is positioned in such a way in the womb so that even an ultrasound makes it difficult to determine gender. Also, some parents prefer for the gender of their baby to be a “surprise”, and would rather not know until the actual delivery. In some cases, purchasing gender neutral crib bedding may be the choice for parents that plan on having more than one child, and would like to re-use their bedding.

Colors for Neutral Crib Bedding

There are a few colors that are most commonly associated with neutral crib bedding. Yellow is a bright, sunny color that is considered to be “gender neutral”, and is often a great neutral color choice. Light pastel green can also be used for gender neutral color themes. Though blue is sometimes considered a “baby boy” color, a pastel blue can still sometimes be considered to be a neutral bedding color. Some parents also choose orange, though this color is less popular for neutral crib bedding.

Neutral Crib Bedding Theme

If you want to design your baby’s entire room around “neutral” colors, choosing the crib bedding is a great place to start. Many animal prints are considered to be neutral crib bedding choices, along with character prints. To match your neutral crib bedding with the rest of your baby’s room, you can choose colors that will go well with the theme you’ve already chosen. For example, pastel green neutral crib bedding goes well with baby furniture in both light pine and dark cherry. Pastel neutral crib bedding colors also can match well with baby furniture that’s been painted in neutral tones, such as off-white or even light teal.

Choosing Neutral Crib Bedding

Which neutral crib bedding you decide on is mostly a matter of personal preference. Would you prefer your baby’s room to have a light green, pastel theme? Or would you like to combine neutral yellow and green for more variety? However, try to make sure that the neutral crib bedding you choose fits snug around your crib’s mattress, without any bunching or folding. This helps to make cleanup easier, and can also help to reduce the chance of suffocation. Also, the sheet that you choose for your neutral crib bedding shouldn’t be able to be pulled up higher than your baby’s armpits. If the sheet is able to be pulled higher, it might result in restricted airflow to your baby.

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