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Disney Crib Bedding

Disney crib bedding is a fun way to bring the magic of Disney movies right into your baby’s room! There are a wide variety of different Disney prints for bedding, which can be used for either baby boy rooms or baby girl rooms. You can choose either Disney character prints, or complement your room’s theme with bright Disney colors. Here’s a quick guide to Disney crib bedding.

Disney Themed Nurseries

Many parents choose to have a Disney themed nursery, both for visual reasons and because Disney products are very easy to find. Disney themes are easy to follow, and give you a lot of fun choices for decorating your baby’s room. The hardest part about designing a Disney themed nursery is deciding what to do with the walls. You could paint the walls, which means that it would have to be a color that would fit with your other baby items. Or, you could choose a fun Disney-themed wallpaper to add an extra special touch. If you plan to use the room as your child’s room as they grow up, however, it’s best not to use character print wallpapers.

Matching Colors

When purchasing Disney crib bedding, don’t forget to use colors that will match the rest of your baby’s room! Some colors might not complement certain themes, or may look “off” with certain pieces of furniture. With character prints (which are often how Disney bedding is sold), it can be even harder to find good matching colors. Don’t worry! Simply pick two or three of the prominent colors in your baby’s room, and try to find matching Disney crib bedding that has these colors. For example, if your baby’s room has a lot of red and yellow, you could probably be safe with “Winnie the Pooh” themed character prints, since they often have these two colors.

Safety Tips

Always purchase Disney crib bedding that uses non-toxic dyes and materials. It’s best to stick to natural fibers, such as cotton. Also, soft fabrics should always be used, since they’re less irritating on a baby’s sensitive skin. Try to stay away from synthetic fabrics, or fabrics that have a blend of synthetic fibers. Also, your baby’s Disney bedding should have a good fit around the crib mattress, without any bunching. If there’s too much loose fabric, your baby could be at risk for suffocation or SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

Where to Find Disney Crib Bedding

Most malls have a “Disney” store, which often has a wide variety of Disney character baby products. However, you can also find Disney themed baby products online. A quick search for “Disney crib bedding” will give you hundreds of results, including some online stores that carry a wide variety of other Disney products. Searching online can be a great way to shop from home, and to buy Disney crib bedding that may cost less than it would if you’d purchased it from a store. However, don’t forget that you’ll have to pay shipping costs!

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