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Convertible Cribs with Changing Table

Since many parents buy convertible cribs for babies because of their versatility, more parents are now becoming interested in convertible cribs that also have changing tables. Cribs with changing tables have become very popular, especially since it eliminates the need to buy additional baby furniture. However, there is some important information that you need to know about convertible cribs before making a purchase.

Price vs. Convenience

When buying a convertible crib with a changing table, you’re going to have to decide if you’re more interested in price or convenience. Many convertible cribs are sold with a separate changing table, which can be converted into a makeshift nightstand as a child grows. However, some convertible cribs require you to purchase the changing table separately. Having the changing table attached to the crib also somewhat limits the portability of the crib, in the event that you have to rearrange your nursery. In the end, it comes down to what you think is best for your baby.

Buying a Convertible Crib

During the process of buying a convertible crib, you might be faced with a few key questions. For example – what’s your budget? What type of convertible crib are you looking for? Are you more concerned with price, or quality? These questions are important, since they can help you narrow down your choices when buying a convertible crib. If you have a theme for your baby’s nursery, you might be further limited in your options. However, be sure to remember that practicality always wins over style. In the end, you’re going to be best off with a durable, useful convertible crib that provides a good foundation for your growing baby.

Making Sure Your Baby’s Convertible Crib is Safe

You might be considering purchasing a convertible crib for your baby’s nursery. It’s true that convertible cribs are both useful and versatile, especially when they come with attachments. However, you need to hold a convertible crib to the same safety standards as you’d use when buying any other type of baby furniture. Even though many parents buy convertible cribs due to their low price, this isn’t always what your first priority should be. Instead, you need to pay attention to your child’s safety. Convertible cribs have many moving parts, which means that there’s a higher chance these parts could malfunction. For example, your child could become trapped between the rails of the crib. Here’s some information to help you ensure that your baby’s convertible crib is safe.

Many convertible cribs are purchased new, and often need to be manually assembled. During assembly, be sure to follow all of the instructions very carefully. Remember – if you’re missing any pieces of your baby’s convertible crib, call the manufacturing company. Most crib companies will be able to replace any missing or damaged pieces that you discover during assembly. Also, be wary of any pieces that show visible wear or defects. These might represent weaknesses in the material, which could further compromise your baby’s safety.