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Cherry Changing Tables

Different types of changing tables are suitable for different parents. When it comes to style, many parents opt to go with a simple, easy-to-match style for their baby’s nursery. Cherry is a very versatile finish, and can be easily matched with many different types of baby furniture, crib bedding and other nursery items. Are you considering purchasing a cherry changing table for your baby’s nursery? Here’s a bit of information to help familiarize you with cherry changing tables, and how to choose the best changing table for your needs.

Reasons for Choosing a Cherry Changing Table

Many parents like cherry changing tables due to their warm color and unique appeal. However, did you know that many “cherry” changing tables aren’t made of cherry wood? The term “Cherry” has now become used to describe the color of the stain that’s often used on top of oak, pine, birch or even particle board baby furniture. Surprisingly enough, not many people are aware of this, and often think that “cherry” is the type of wood used in creating the changing table.

There are many reasons why you might want to choose a cherry changing table for your nursery. Wood with a cherry finish is thought by many people to bring warmth to any standard nursery, due to its deep reddish brown color. In some cases, you might have already purchased several pieces of cherry stained baby furniture, which means that you’ll want a changing table that matches your theme.

Choosing the Best Cherry Changing Table

It’s important to remember that cherry is just a finish – it doesn’t necessarily tell you anything about the quality of the wood used in the changing table. There are many inexpensive changing tables made of particle board or low-quality woods which might not be durable enough to be used in your nursery. Also, some types of cherry changing tables don’t have high quality finish, which means the cherry color could easily crack or peel off with continued use.

Start by deciding on a budget for your changing table. Will you be okay purchasing a lower quality changing table that might need to be replaced after only a few years? Or, would you rather purchase a higher quality changing table which will last through many years (and maybe even multiple children)? This choice is entirely up to you, and depends on how much money you plan to spend on your baby’s changing table.

If money is especially tight, you might want to consider searching at your local thrift store or Goodwill for baby furniture. Changing tables are a common nursery accessory, and you can often find a decent variety of changing tables by searching local thrift stores. You can also check online classified resources such as freecycle and Craigslist, since many people often sell their unused or unwanted baby furniture. Cherry changing tables are very popular, so you shouldn’t have a difficult time finding a gently used cherry changing table that will be suitable for your baby’s nursery.