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Baby Girl Crib Bedding

Congratulations on your baby girl! Finding out that you’re having a baby girl can be a wonderful and exciting time, both for you and your family. Now that you know what gender your baby is, it’s time to start planning. In most cases, a family will wait until after they find out their baby’s gender before they begin purchasing baby items. This is because many parents like to stick to a specific “theme” when buying baby items. Don’t be afraid to be a bit creative when buying products for your baby girl. While it might seem socially acceptable to buy everything in pink, remember that there are other options as well!

Choosing the right type of bedding for your baby girl can be a bit overwhelming, since there are hundreds of different choices available to you. Thankfully, we’re here to help! Here’s a quick guide that will help you to choose the right type of bedding for your baby girl.

Themes for Baby Girl Nurseries

Deciding on a theme for your baby girl’s room is a great way to begin setting up your nursery. There are so many choices! However, don’t be tempted to combine a lot of different themes into one. While a princess theme might work for your baby’s early months, what if your little girl grows up to not like princesses? It’s best to stick to something that’s easily adapted into different situations. If you’ve already purchase furniture for your baby girl’s room, you can also incorporate this into your theme.

Colors for Baby Girl Crib Bedding

There are a lot of different color choices for baby girl themed crib bedding. While you can stay with a traditional light pastel pink theme, you can also combine pink with other colors. Pink can be paired with light purple, or even bright yellow tones for more variety in your baby girl’s room. Don’t feel like you’re obligated to stick to a particular theme, since there are many themes that might work for your baby’s room. Instead, choose colors that complement the theme you’ve already chosen.

Prints for Baby Girl Crib Bedding

Princesses, cute animals, Barbie themed prints and others are just a few of the popular prints for baby girl crib bedding. You can even combine these prints with your theme, and match bedding with other items (such as wall hangings and themed toys). For example, if you choose a “pony” theme, you could purchase pony printed bedding, pony wall pictures and pony stuffed animals for your baby girl’s room.

Using Neutral Colors

A baby girl’s bedding can also be chosen in neutral colors if you choose. This may be because you’re planning to re-use the bedding for your next child, or because you simply don’t want to stick to the traditional pastel pink. Pale pastel green and yellow are great neutral gender colors, and can still be feminine enough to add a nice touch to your baby girl’s room.